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Welcome to LoveFit Dance!

No one should be too self-conscious to move their body and get sweaty. That’s why our classes, with their focus on fun, music and easy-to-follow routines are the perfect expression of everything we stand for. 

We are super proud to be able to offer local people of all ages and abilities somewhere they feel welcome and safe to let their hair down and move in their own way.

Everything we do is driven by a desire to take the seriousness and stress out of fitness. We are crazy about finding new ways to help people enjoy their bodies and realise how much fun exercise can be. 

We pour our whole hearts into our classes and our participants very quickly become like family. Anyone looking for a healthy activity to improve both physical and mental health need look no further, we’re right here for you.

Ele Lawlor 
(LoveFit Dance Co-Founder and Instructor)

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