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LoveFit Light

Thursday 10:30am at The Crown Spa Health Club
Bookings need to to contact 01723 357480

LoveFit Light is a low impact, low to mid cardio- dance fitness class. Suitable for older adults or anyone whose body, for whatever reason, appreciates a more gentle dance fitness experience. Many types of dance and music are featured in the program including salsa, jazz, hip hop, pop, African beats and country - to name but a few! Also, experience a lighter version of our Pound workout where we use drum sticks. With a chair as our drum we Pound to the music to feel the release of tension and a jolly good workout. 


We dance for around 50 minutes, including about 10 minutes of Pound and then we invite you to sit and join us for a cup of tea and a social in the cafe until 12pm - It's our favourite part of our whole week!

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